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Boost Your Campaigns with these small but effective tips !!

A social media campaign is not just about running a campaign online but to run a campaign with keeping in mind the target audience we are about to reach, the potential leads to be turned from the particular campaign and most importantly the no. of new clients aquired.

Whenever we run a campaign on social media; these simple 10 tricks are very sure to give a boost to the campaign and get us positive results maybe more than expected:


  1. Target Audience – There are millions of users online on one of the social media at any given point of time. but your campaign needs to hit only those of them who you think can convert into any lead or are a potential set of audience. For this you need to run a campaign so wisely as to keeping in mind the behaviour and interest of your target audience.

  2. Time Management – Keep your post scheduled and schedule them on such a time where your target audience is likely to hit on the social media platform you are running your campaign on. Some campaigns run all day long and fail to gain the response as compared to some time scheduled campaigns which do a lot better.
  3. Choose the platform Wisely – Get to know the mindset of the target audience you choose and understand their behaviour. Analyze and learn where they tend to spend their free time because it is only the free time of your audience where you convert leads from them.
  4. Once Chosen, Stick to it – Many of times a cmapaign doesnt picks off as we expect it to and hesitate to run the same campaign on same platform. Sometimes we even think to switch on to another social media platform to maximise the possibility of success of our campaign. This is the time you need to stick on to the same platform and jsut make some minor changes in your campaign settings but just keep stick to the same platform, the reason being because by the time you decide to switch on to other platfomr you have spent 1/4th of your campaigns total amount, so even if you try to start it on another platform you are already a quarter short on your campaign without any previous leads . . . So choose your platform wisely and stick to it.
  5. Fund Management – If you are planning to run your campaign on multiple platforms, be clear from the first day itself on dividing the campaign amount wisely on your platforms. Changing the amount in a later phase always disturbs the ongoing activity and creates a sense of insecureness as you go on.
  6. Interaction – As the campaign progresses a lot of audience is engaged and their are a lot of comments and questions from their side, this continues even after the campaign has ended. make sure you reply to all of the comments in a cool way since those who commented on your posts are the most loyal and potential clients already being inclined towards your product.
  7. Use of Graphics – an 80/20 ratio is what you need to make your post more attractive and more responsive this is what we feel. People are inclined more to attract to a visual depiction of your product rather than reading the information in a text block. Use more and more graphics and keep them simple enough to convey your messages. It is a proven fact that images are remembered longer then any text read by a normal human brain.
  8. Less Content, Better Content – Content is surely the jack of all trades. We insist on keeping the content less but whatever the audience read it surely must impress them. And if you put a link to redirect your target audience you should know what magical words to use so they may get inclined to click on the link where you want them to get redirected.
  9. Create Outbound Links – Many social media campaigns comes with a limitation to the pictorial display containing not more than some limited amount of text or some comes with a limit in words. Always try to put an outbound link where in detail you can explain your product benifits and detailed description or redirect them to your website.
  10. Post Campaign Engagement – Engage with your potential leads even after the campaign has ended. Because some leads convert at the hand some convert at the end of the day but some just needs a little push to make up their mind. Just Try to push them a little more by reaching out to them again and they are sure to turn in.

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