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Do what you do untill it takes what’s in you !!

We have always heard the guy who tried till the end won the race. What was so special about the guy.. ?? Why the one who just quit a moment ago lost the race, couldn’t he had hooked up for a second more or was he just sure to lose.

Holiding on to win is a part of winning but the real reason is the ability to bring out the best at the moment while holding on. Wether or not you keep holding your winning depends upon whether or not you have given your complete self while holding on to win.

Do what you do till it takes what’s in you – is just a random office thought came across while cluelessly holding on to work. It is not an inspirational quotation nor a motivational phrase but a thought to ponder upon whether we are just holding on or giving the last bit of our self on the work at hand to win the race.

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