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How every Social Media works in its own ways !!

Every social media platform has its own unique working ways and advantages to promote your brand. every platform sends a different message and specifies the campaign to be promoted. Ranging from Facebook to foursquare here is an attempt to explain the social media platform working with the example of a Coffee Cup.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is the next big thing on internet. To search, to explore, to look out for everything just like people googled it, they now Facebook it !! Facebook needs no specifications and always talks about a generic thing. Like here “I LIKE COFFEE”

2. Twitter

More and more use of trending hashtags but a limitation of 140 words to make your message reach out to maximum people but you have to be very short and specific. Twitter started the trends of hashtags and now it is most common on social media of use hashtags. Like correlating with the coffee example “I am #drinking Coffee”

3. Google+

The google employee has all the reason to boast about him/her working there and can proudly write I am the who n who drinking the coffee

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been very specific and on the point social media. There has been never no out of zone users and no irrelevant posts. LinkedIn has focused only upon delivering the social media to make the most out of it for its users. Like here in the coffee example you can see, you can get yourself endorsed about how good you are at drinking coffee !!

5. Pinterest

Pinterest has always been a favorite platform for the users to find out good designs, good ideas, good concepts, good recipes and just good about everything. Pinterest works in very well way when you talk about going in depth of a particular object or topic. Like here comparing with the coffee example when you search for pinterest about coffee you are looking for a vast in depth results about the recipes, the types of coffee available and in fact the coffee mug designs !!

6. YouTube

YouTube is a very popular video platform for everything happening in and around the world. When you search in for coffee on YouTube you are specifically looking for the ways to how you drink coffee !!

7. Four Square

Four Square is about being the boss of the place you drink coffee. I drink coffee here often, i have the maximum check ins so now you know me on four square as the mayor of the coffee shop.

8. Instagram

Instagram is another favorite platform of the users to post there photos with various filters available. On Instagram you can use a combination of hashtags and filters to make your coffee picture look more better and have a different feel to it. Instagram lets you give your coffee experience take a whole new global level and let people from different corners off the world know how you drink coffee !!

Cheers to your posts and how you post them on various social media platforms, however every social media mentioned above is a good platform in its own specific ways and had made a large difference in connecting people globally and give the world a new way to connect and stay in touch with people from different cast,creed, race or color, making the world a better place.

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